Tradingkeun is the best Forex Copy Trading Platform that will copy every trading activity from one account to another automatically or commonly called Copytrade. Generally Copy Trading only works with the same broker, with this latest Copytrade Platform you can connect and use any broker in the world, so you can make cross-broker transactions and can also be used on all 4/5 metatrader trading platforms.

Terms and Conditions of Service

Tradingkeun is a Copy Trading Platform which is a service that allows clients (traders and followers) to copy trading activities from one trading account to another trading account automatically.


Login & User Accounts

Each client determines their own email and password, each user is required to enter the member area page with the information that has been previously created. We also offer a change of password whenever you want. Client is obliged to keep login information such as Email and Password confidential at all times, to avoid the use of unknown parties. The client is fully responsible for all consequences of loss / misuse of the account. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by user negligence.

Communication Monitoring and Records

The client expressly authorizes us to record and store all forms of electronic communication without notification, this information will be used in the event of a dispute, we can use this record as a form of evidence.

For Traders

Trader / Master / Pilot is the party where the Trader / Master / Pilot trading account is willing to be followed or unfollowed by the Follower. Traders can use any broker and any type of trading account other than CENT TYPE. Traders can use any trading strategy, either manual or using a robot as long as it is permitted by the broker. Traders who join and use the service are deemed to agree to all the terms and conditions below:

For Followers

Follower / Slave / Investor is a party copying a Trader's trading account. The follower can choose the available traders and must pay a subscription fee of an amount that has been determined by the Trader. Tradingkeun does not limit the amount of funds, brokers and accounts used (EXCEPT TYPES OF CENT). Followers who join and use the service are deemed to agree to all the terms and conditions below:

Fees & Payments

In order to use the copy trading service, all clients are expected to understand the terms and conditions for payment below:

Safety & Risk of Loss

We guarantee all data and information security is well encrypted, but there are some things that we cannot guarantee, such as:

We guarantee that the displayed trading statistics are the exact same conditions as the trading account conditions at that time, but there are some things that you should pay attention to such as:


Funds that have been used to use the service cannot be returned for any reason. In the case of a refund such as wrong transfer, input, etc., it will be processed 1x24 hours from the time the refund is submitted.


Tradingkeun is only a service provider, not a trading consultant, investment or financial advisor so any risks that occur are beyond our responsibility. Forex trading carries a high level of risk, allowing the loss of part or even the entirety of funds, therefore we urge you to always understand the risk of every trade made. We are not responsible for losses that cause partial or even total loss of funds caused by forex trading activities for any reason. The client agrees that we can modify, add, change name or continue to use the services of the company in connection with these terms and conditions without prior notice.