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tradingkeun introduction

Tradingkeun can also be called a Trading Assistant or a liaison application between Traders and Followers, with the Trading Assistant each account can be connected to other trading accounts, also known as CopyTrade or ForexCopy. Uniquely, this Social Trading service is not limited to 1 Broker or the MetaTrader version, so all Brokers and MetaTrader versions can still be connected to each other.

Trading Assistant users are only divided into two, namely the Trader and the Follower, for the following explanation:

This trading trader or master or pilot is the party who sends trading signals from the trading account to all of his followers.


This Follower or Slave or Investor is the party who receives the trading signal from the 1st party that he follows.


In general, it is called Copy Trading, is a process where if party 1 makes a transaction or trading, then party 2 will automatically make a transaction or trade on its trading account, automatically and in realtime for 24 hours.


For Traders


By using a Trading Assistant, you no longer need to bother managing all client funds that want to be traded, with Trading Assistant it can make it easier for you to link one account to another all brokers and all users around the world, and also you have the opportunity to earn additional income without affecting your trading results.

This registration method and very simple features make it easy for even novice users.

For Followers


By using a Trading Assistant, the Follower no longer needs to understand how to analyze, how to trade and monitor transactions, just open an account, deposit and select the trader you want to follow, all transactions from that trader will be automatically copied to your trading account, without the need profit sharing, 100% of the profit belongs to you.

Trading Assistant also prevents the bulging investment system that is booming.

Other Important Information

About Us Tradingkeun

Tradingkeun or Trading Assistant is created to connect Traders and Followers between accounts with each other in order to copy transactions online..

tradingkeun advantages

Trading Assistant users are divided into only two, namely the Trader or Master and the Follower or Investor, both parties benefit greatly from this..

tradingkeun features

With the Trading Assistant, there are lots of features that you can get to help your trading activities, of course, get the maximum profit and not..


The potential profit that can be obtained is not fixed every day, sometimes smaller or bigger, depending on the trading activity. Tradingkeun.com does not participate in the deposit of funds at all. Forex trading involves risks associated with losing part or all of your funds, therefore we urge you to always understand the risks involved in trading. We are not responsible for lost client funds caused by forex trading activities for any reason.
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